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CD MICA TECHNOLOGYHUBEICO,.LTD , the name shortened to CDMICA, is established to concentrates all its activities on researching & developing, manufacturing and distribution of mica insulating materials, providing quality products and optimized solutions to specialized customers of individual requirements. CDMICA have the ability of producing full ranges of mica paper, mica tape, mica slip plane for furnace industry, mica sheet for electrical heating equipment, epoxy mica sheet for commutator, mica tubes and machined mica parts.

In spite of our commitment of “sincerity, innovation, quality and efficiency”, CDMICA grows up together with both domestic and oversea customers to achieve win-win and long term cooperation. It currently exports virtually 75% of its output to European countries and Far-Eastern, American and African countries, sells 25% to domestic of China. The major customers use CDMICA products in field of household appliances, electrical cables, metallurgy, vehicle manufacture, fluid transport, etc.

Link: 阿里巴巴旗艦店 淘寶企業店

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Cell:manager zhang  +86 13807244688




Add:No.2, Xiaoling Economical Zone, Chongyang, Hubei, China

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